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Aubrey Miles On the Run Again!

Another Pinay celebrity who is making some buzz today is Aubrey Miles. Aubrey has been sidelined for sometime from showbiz due to her pregnancy with her lovechild with Troy Montero. Nobody thought she would still make a comeback due to her status now.

It can be remembered that Aubrey Miles became famous with her daring bold roles in her movies. Aubrey is known as a bold star in the Philippines and she cannot escape from that image even in her comeback. Many are thinking what will be the roles she will be portraying in her movies now that she is already a mother.

Aubrey Miles made a clarification into this and said she will be a bit choosy now with the roles she is going to portray. Aubrey said it will not be "too sexy" anymore just like her roles before. But no matter what, Aubrey Miles is still one hot momma.

Featuring Gwen Garci

I would like to feature here one of my favorite pinay celebrities - Gwen Garci. She is a member of the sexy group Viva Hot Babes. Gwen became very popular with the group with their video Viva Hot Babes Gone Wild. Gwen had a video about striptease and she is so hot in the video. She literally gave it all that is why there are a lot of praises for her performance.

Gwen Garci is said making a comeback after a long hiatus from showbiz. Gwen and the other members of the Viva Hot Babes took a vacation when the SM Cinemas banned bold films in their movie houses. They took the stage and had some bold shows but were not that successful.

Some members completely left showbiz for good and some became full time mother and wife for their families but for Gwen Garci, she is trying another niche in showbiz and that is - singing. Let's watch out for Gwen when she returns to the scene with a new look.

Myles Hernandez Tongue

Myles Hernandez got a super sexy hot tongue in this photo. I don't know how you feel if that tongue could land in your *&^%$#^.

How lucky could you be? Myles Hernandez is damn hottie.

Residual Income Opportunities with Pinaycelebs

You couldn't just believe that the term pinaycelebs can be one of the many residual income opportunities in the internet, could you? But yes, this has been one of the money making machines of some internet junkies today.

Pinaycelebs is actually the shortcut for "pinay celebrities" and the "pinay" means "Filipina" so it generally means "Filipina Celebrities". There are a lot of searches made in Google for the past years for this term. It is usually coined with the term scandal since there are a lot of Filipina celebrities that were involved with sex scandals.

The most famous was the sex video scandal of Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho which made to all media last year. But the scandal for some, a residual income opportunity for the Pinoy internet entrepreneurs. They created websites about pinaycelebs then posted ads and voila, instant money from the internet!

Pinay Celebrities Series: Rica Peralejo

Pinay Celebrities Series: This time, I am going to feature the beautiful Rica Peralejo. Rica started as a young child star in Philippine showbiz. She was so cute and sweet that is why she became a household name in the Philippines.

But many were surprised when Rica joined the bold movies along with some young actresses at that time. How could they believe that the young and sweet Rica is already doing bold films? But Rica pursued with her decision to go bold even most of her fans were against it.

But even though she lost many of her fans, there were many who became her followers - the male society. Rica did some bold films and they were all box office hits. Her portrayal of bold roles were so effective although she was seen in movies before as a sweet, innocent child star. But after performing a lot of bold movies, Rica realized it was time to go back to wholesome image. This decision was triggered with the SM Cinemas prohibiting bold movies in their theaters.

Rica Peralejo then became active in religious activities until she met their pastor and beceme engaged. Today, Rica is happily married to her pastor husband and still doing some TV show in ABS-CBN and some minor roles in movies.

For more details and pictures, visit fer fan site.

Krista Ranillo, Engaged?

The latest buzz about Krista Ranillo is that she is already engaged to her new boyfriend, in fact, childhood sweetheart as reported. But is this really true?

There are many skeptics about this revelation of Krista herself. After the controversy of her relationship with Manny Pacquiao, her revelation of her engagement did not convince many showbiz insiders.

Some say that this is just to trick the public into believing that her relationship with Manny Pacquiao is already over. This is to the fact that they believe it was Manny's money that Krista used in her restaurant business in the US. Further, Krista did not mention the name of her alleged new boyfriend that make them not to believe her story.

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True Steps to Financial Freedom

There are a lot of ebooks, websites and persons who are claiming of knowing the steps in financial freedom. You can see in their ramblings different techniques presented jsut to convince someone that it is their ways or methods are the real deal and not of their competitors.

But there is a common denominator here. They are all selling their supposed to be "methods" of making wealth in the internet. Can you smell something fishy here? They are just actually trying to make a sale with their superbly written marketing articles to convince you buy their products. So are their products real? No.

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Rev Up Your Residual Income

A friend of mine is an enthusiast in motorcycle. He is very much keen on improving the design of his motorcycle so he keeps on improving the body and paint jobs of it. But then he realized that he is spending much of his salary for his hobby. His residual income is depleting and his wife starts to nag about it.

Then he came to an idea of making his hobby as his small business. Through this way, he can increase his residual income and at the same time continue with his hobby. So he opened a small shop into his garage and his first customers were his friends.

Through that way, his residual income business starts to rev up and his wife also was very supportive that she even helped him in some of small chores in the shop. Word of mouth from his friends who became his first customers started to bring new customers to his shop who wants their bikes to be upgraded.

Now he transferred to a bigger shop due to the number of customers who want their bikes to be customized. His residual income also increased and he is now employing five employees into his shop.

Where is Diana Zubiri?

Of all the filipino celebrities, particularly the female celebrities, it's Diana Zubiri who got the most beautiful face and a beautiful body. Diana has been in movies since the age of 16 and did some bold movies that were all box office hits.

She was discovered when she was applying as entertainer in Japan. Those movies however were for adults only that is why her name was not popular among the Filipino audience. Then came the controversy that changed her career forever.

She was featured in a FHM photo shoot wherein Diana was required to wear sexy bikini and pose in one of Metro Manila's flyover. This pictorial made the traffic so congested that police were made to interfere during the pictorials.

After the pictorial, Diana Zubiri and company were sued but later on withdrawn by the city officials. After that controversy, Diana became more popular and the rest is history.

Kris Aquino Leaves Home

After the rumors of marital problems between filipina actress Kris Aquino and James Yap, Kris is reportedly left their house leaving James alone. This developed after James was reportedly having again an affair with another woman during the campaign sortie of Kris during the elections.

News about the family problem broke up when Kris Aquino was not able to arrive in her activity in Cebu city with Boy Abunda. It was Boy who broke up the news and Kris nor James were not giving any comment into it.

Recently, James talked to media and said he is leaving it to Kris any statement about the controversy.

Residual Income Online by Sharing Your Pictures

Is your hobby taking pictures of anything? Do you think there will be a lot of internet users want to see your pictures? Then make money out of it! This is another way of earning residual income online.

There are a lot of internet companies that will let you upload your pictures into their servers. You can upload as many pictures as you want. Just be sure that your pictures must be beautiful so that there will be a lot of internet users who are going to view them.

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Pinay Celebrities Galore

Mirror mirror on the wall who's the prettiest of them all? That's what I thought when I visited this Pinay Celebrities website created by a friend of mine. In the home page, you can see a lot of beautiful faces that you won't know whom to visit first.

This is a photo gallery of the hottest and sexiest pinay celebrities in the internet. Rarely you can find a website in the internet where all of the most controversial and most beautiful ones converge.

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Guide in Creating Your Wealth

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Wealth Creation in YouTube

Wealth Creation is everybody's struggle. Everybody aspires for it. When you traverse the wrong way, then say goodbye to your wealth quest.

Here is a video about wealth creation and this can help especially the beginners who are just trying their luck to this niche.

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Wealth Management Video in YouTube

Wealth management topic is everywhere. In the internet, this has been the topic of every entrepreneur in their blogs and websites. Moreover, in the advent of video sites, this has been also taken advantage of by many of them.

Below is one of the examples of Wealth Management Videos published in YouTube which is aimed for the beginners of the trade (by Brooks Wealth).

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Real Wealth Advisors

Sometimes, resources from the internet are not just enough when you go for your quest in wealth. There are always some points that we may miss and these points, no matter how small they may be, can be disastrous in our wealth journey.

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True Wealth Education

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