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Featuring Gwen Garci

I would like to feature here one of my favorite pinay celebrities - Gwen Garci. She is a member of the sexy group Viva Hot Babes. Gwen became very popular with the group with their video Viva Hot Babes Gone Wild. Gwen had a video about striptease and she is so hot in the video. She literally gave it all that is why there are a lot of praises for her performance.

Gwen Garci is said making a comeback after a long hiatus from showbiz. Gwen and the other members of the Viva Hot Babes took a vacation when the SM Cinemas banned bold films in their movie houses. They took the stage and had some bold shows but were not that successful.

Some members completely left showbiz for good and some became full time mother and wife for their families but for Gwen Garci, she is trying another niche in showbiz and that is - singing. Let's watch out for Gwen when she returns to the scene with a new look.

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