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Pinay Celebrities Series: Rica Peralejo

Pinay Celebrities Series: This time, I am going to feature the beautiful Rica Peralejo. Rica started as a young child star in Philippine showbiz. She was so cute and sweet that is why she became a household name in the Philippines.

But many were surprised when Rica joined the bold movies along with some young actresses at that time. How could they believe that the young and sweet Rica is already doing bold films? But Rica pursued with her decision to go bold even most of her fans were against it.

But even though she lost many of her fans, there were many who became her followers - the male society. Rica did some bold films and they were all box office hits. Her portrayal of bold roles were so effective although she was seen in movies before as a sweet, innocent child star. But after performing a lot of bold movies, Rica realized it was time to go back to wholesome image. This decision was triggered with the SM Cinemas prohibiting bold movies in their theaters.

Rica Peralejo then became active in religious activities until she met their pastor and beceme engaged. Today, Rica is happily married to her pastor husband and still doing some TV show in ABS-CBN and some minor roles in movies.

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