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Residual Income Opportunities with Pinaycelebs

You couldn't just believe that the term pinaycelebs can be one of the many residual income opportunities in the internet, could you? But yes, this has been one of the money making machines of some internet junkies today.

Pinaycelebs is actually the shortcut for "pinay celebrities" and the "pinay" means "Filipina" so it generally means "Filipina Celebrities". There are a lot of searches made in Google for the past years for this term. It is usually coined with the term scandal since there are a lot of Filipina celebrities that were involved with sex scandals.

The most famous was the sex video scandal of Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho which made to all media last year. But the scandal for some, a residual income opportunity for the Pinoy internet entrepreneurs. They created websites about pinaycelebs then posted ads and voila, instant money from the internet!