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Smart Load Promo

For those of you who are fond of patronizing smart load promo, there is a website that I am going to recommend for you. This is a website of a friend of mine that features the latest load promos of the major phone providers in the Philippines.

Smart, Globe and Sun promos are featured in the site and the instructions are very easy to follow even the novice users. The site started last year and it is already receiving warm reactions from the users. There are already a lot of users who are patronizing the website especially those who are looking for smart load promo which the site is currently promoting.

You can visit the site here.

Enchong Dee in Cebu

Enchong Dee and other Kapamilya stars were in Cebu for the annual Sinulog Festival celebration in the main Visayan city. This was to give entertainment to the Cebuano fans and to give more color to the festivities. It was dubbed as the Kapamilya Karavan and it was held at the Ayala Mall Terraces in Cebu City.

Accompanying Enchong Dee is another actor Gerald Anderson who said he is very thankful to all Cebuano fans for the support of his prime time series "Budoy" which is topping the ratings chart nationwide.

The Pinoy actors sang and danced with the fans as a way to thank them. A lot of fans were elated to the two actors particularly Enchong Dee who is seen everyday in the series "Maria la del Barrio". It was the first leg of the Kapamilya Karavan and more actors and actresses of the Kapamilya are also scheduled to visit there.

Coco Martin Told to Be Quiet

There are some observers who are wondering why Coco Martin is so quiet in his role in the fist fight that happened between him and Matteo Guidicelli during the Star Magic Ball just recently. The incident was the content of all news media and Guidicelli and Maja Salvador, said to be the reason of the brawl, have already given their sides.

It looked like the quietness of Coco Martin makes him the one who is to blame on the incident. The two are very vocal on their sides about the incident while he is very quiet and people haven't heard his side as of this writing. But sources close to Star Magic say that Coco Martin was actually told by his handlers to just be quiet.

That is the reason why until now, Coco Martin haven't issued his side yet on the incident. So you have their folks, let us just wait until Star Magic gives the go signal for Coco Martin to speak so we could hear his side.

Andrea del Rosario Online

Can you still remember Andrea del Rosario? For the new breed of movie fans, maybe it has been a bit long ago that Andrea del Rosario was a household name in the Philippines. Andrea was the hottest bold star in the Philippine movies during her reign.

The movie houses were always fully packed with adoring fans particularly the male fans every time Andrea del Rosario had a movie. The box office were always in record high for bold films with those movies she made and notable here is the "Seaman's Wife".

Now, Andrea del Rosario is in the internet and this fan site of hers will enable her adoring fans to see her hottest and latest pictures in the internet wherever and whenever they want to.

First Look at Adrianne Palicki as the New Wonder Woman

Here is a picture of Adrianne Palicki wearing the costume of the new Wonder Woman. The show has literally started in production mode as of this writing and this picture is one of the earliest peek at Adrianne Palicki wearing the newly designed costume.

Adrianne Palicki really got the looks and built of a superhero.

WWE Melina Perez Update

In the latest turn of events in professional wrestling, WWE Melina Perez has just turned into a heel.This made some of her fans disgusted as they only want Melina Perez to be the good girl in the professional sports. But there are many observers who welcomed Melina's change of character.

This horizon gives WWE Melina to show her skills as a heel and not the good girl image that she has been portraying for a long time now. Melina Perez is simply testing different waters now and many are excited how she could portray her role as a heel.

Aubrey Miles On the Run Again!

Another Pinay celebrity who is making some buzz today is Aubrey Miles. Aubrey has been sidelined for sometime from showbiz due to her pregnancy with her lovechild with Troy Montero. Nobody thought she would still make a comeback due to her status now.

It can be remembered that Aubrey Miles became famous with her daring bold roles in her movies. Aubrey is known as a bold star in the Philippines and she cannot escape from that image even in her comeback. Many are thinking what will be the roles she will be portraying in her movies now that she is already a mother.

Aubrey Miles made a clarification into this and said she will be a bit choosy now with the roles she is going to portray. Aubrey said it will not be "too sexy" anymore just like her roles before. But no matter what, Aubrey Miles is still one hot momma.