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Coco Martin Told to Be Quiet

There are some observers who are wondering why Coco Martin is so quiet in his role in the fist fight that happened between him and Matteo Guidicelli during the Star Magic Ball just recently. The incident was the content of all news media and Guidicelli and Maja Salvador, said to be the reason of the brawl, have already given their sides.

It looked like the quietness of Coco Martin makes him the one who is to blame on the incident. The two are very vocal on their sides about the incident while he is very quiet and people haven't heard his side as of this writing. But sources close to Star Magic say that Coco Martin was actually told by his handlers to just be quiet.

That is the reason why until now, Coco Martin haven't issued his side yet on the incident. So you have their folks, let us just wait until Star Magic gives the go signal for Coco Martin to speak so we could hear his side.