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Rev Up Your Residual Income

A friend of mine is an enthusiast in motorcycle. He is very much keen on improving the design of his motorcycle so he keeps on improving the body and paint jobs of it. But then he realized that he is spending much of his salary for his hobby. His residual income is depleting and his wife starts to nag about it.

Then he came to an idea of making his hobby as his small business. Through this way, he can increase his residual income and at the same time continue with his hobby. So he opened a small shop into his garage and his first customers were his friends.

Through that way, his residual income business starts to rev up and his wife also was very supportive that she even helped him in some of small chores in the shop. Word of mouth from his friends who became his first customers started to bring new customers to his shop who wants their bikes to be upgraded.

Now he transferred to a bigger shop due to the number of customers who want their bikes to be customized. His residual income also increased and he is now employing five employees into his shop.

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