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Where is Diana Zubiri?

Of all the filipino celebrities, particularly the female celebrities, it's Diana Zubiri who got the most beautiful face and a beautiful body. Diana has been in movies since the age of 16 and did some bold movies that were all box office hits.

She was discovered when she was applying as entertainer in Japan. Those movies however were for adults only that is why her name was not popular among the Filipino audience. Then came the controversy that changed her career forever.

She was featured in a FHM photo shoot wherein Diana was required to wear sexy bikini and pose in one of Metro Manila's flyover. This pictorial made the traffic so congested that police were made to interfere during the pictorials.

After the pictorial, Diana Zubiri and company were sued but later on withdrawn by the city officials. After that controversy, Diana became more popular and the rest is history.

Kris Aquino Leaves Home

After the rumors of marital problems between filipina actress Kris Aquino and James Yap, Kris is reportedly left their house leaving James alone. This developed after James was reportedly having again an affair with another woman during the campaign sortie of Kris during the elections.

News about the family problem broke up when Kris Aquino was not able to arrive in her activity in Cebu city with Boy Abunda. It was Boy who broke up the news and Kris nor James were not giving any comment into it.

Recently, James talked to media and said he is leaving it to Kris any statement about the controversy.

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